Digging Season

Fall harvest for conifers historically begins October 1st. Harvesting of deciduous trees and shrubs typically begins October 21st because we need 50% leaf drop before harvesting deciduous planse. Harvest season typically ends by Thanksgiving.

Spring Harvest season starts as soon as Mother Nature allows us into the field; usually around March 1st. Field harvest halts usually by April 10th for deciduous products and May 15th for conifers.

Digging order is "first come first serve." All of our deciduous trees receive trunk protectors to ensure our customers receive healthy undamaged plants on trucks filled to capacity.

Reggear Tree Farms typically exceeds the established nursery root-ball specifications by over-sizing the root-balls one size. We have found that this small change increases vigor and transplantability of the plants for our customers. Plants that need to be shipped at a later date are hilled into sawdust beds so that moisture and plant vigor is maintained.

We ship plants primarily on 45 to 53' flat bed trucks. We have found that utilizing quality trucking firms with caring drivers makes for timely deliveries with the absolute minimum problems for our plant material and you, our customers.

Reggear Tree Farms is committed to providing the best nursery landscape stock available to the intermountain west with the least headaches to you, our customers. So, give us a call and enjoy the results!

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