History of Reggear Tree Farms

Bud and Virdia Reggear traded for their first 80 acres in the 1950’s. Bud initially logged the land and then was asked to pile the logging slash. After which, the owner of the land gave Bud the choice of cash payment or taking ownership of the 80 acres. He took the land!

In the early 1960’s Bud and Virdia purchased 160 acres    for $5,000 that had 1.5 million board feet of timber on it. Through the logging and continued purchasing of the farm grew.

Bud and Virdia Reggear started a Christmas Tree business in the early 1960’s. The business was profitable; yet, found further potential in 1972 when a Christmas tree buyer from Canada saw the Blue Spruce, and asked if five semi loads could be dug and sent to Canada. The idea of a B&B business was born.

With a 44” Vermeer spade mounted on a trailer the production level maxed out at 45 trees a day! Through hard work and continued planning the family built a successful wholesale nursery stock business.

When Bud and Virdia were ready to retire, their son’s Bob and Mike purchased the farm and have continued to pursue the lofty potential goals for the business. In 2000, the 240 acre Craigmont farm was purchased. With this purchase the business expanded into deciduous products. Reggear Tree Farms now operates 400 acres of nursery stock with over 95 varieties of specialty B&B stock.


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